Our. Sports Centre

    1. Finding a right place to create a ground. For playing cricket,baseball, football ,basket ball, volley ball badminton.
    2. Those who are interested in these games and willing to join  can send in their names to: raobusinesspromotions@gmail.com.
    3. This must be the first of its kind  and providing equal opportunity to all.
    4. Idea is to learn,practise,compete locally, nationally, internationally.
    5. This will be on the basis of membership.
    6. Professionals with 10years experience and trainers.Rs.15000/- one time entrance fee.annual membership fee.Rs.3000/
    7. Beginners and amateurs  Rs.3000/- entrance fee and Rs. 250 every month.
    8. Companies,Institutuions willing to join can act as sponsors for each game with a subscription of Rs.500000/-  for which their names will be carved on the  walls permanently in a prominent place.
    9. And in the beginning we will start with only Twenty companies.
    10. Lovers and spectators can also join as members with an entrance fee of Rs. 1800/- and monthly subscription of Rs.150/-.
    11. The moment we take  full possession of the area  ,within a period of one month or two months the grounds will be functioning. And all those interested can avail the opportunity of playing their particular sport.
    12. All arrangements are to be made for the transport of players to the ground.
    13. All conveniences are also to be made available.
    14. We wish this becomes a reality with the blessings of all sports lovers,looking for equal opportunities


Hearty welcome to all basket ball players,coach and lovers

This is your site.

If you are good in organising a team, and a good coach, and if you are a lover of Basket ball., send in your valuable suggestions and  opinions how we can go forward  and win the game.

If you find any basketball ground available for rent or gratis,also let us know.

We want the younger generation to also trained in this game.

We want to see all of them healthy.

Blessings and best wishes for a healthy future.


Special sports of America

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sports_in_the_United_States
  • Base ball is a nice game which was played in India in some of the schools some years back, It is not to be seen after cricket has taken the whole place.

  • American football is the most popular sport in the United States followed by basketball, baseball, and soccer. Tennis, golf, wrestling, auto racing, arena football, field lacrosse, box lacrosse and volleyball are also popular sports in the country.

    10 Most Popular Sports Americans Love

    • In Number 9 Comes Motor racing Sports: …

    • In Number 8 comes Wrestling. …

    • Golf Comes in Number 7. …

    • In Number 5 Comes Soccer. …

    • Ice Hockey takes the 4th Place. …

    • Basketball Comes at the Third. …

    • Baseball takes the second rank. …

    • The first place is taken by American football.

Welcome all physiotherapists

  • If you like serving the people with service with a smile, this is your area.
  • All people above fifty Need your services
  • .They will be thankful and grateful if you do a good job  at a reasonable price especially at their residence in some  special cases.
  • Even students studying physiotherapist in any college whether under graduate or postgraduate ,freshers or experienced ,free lancers are also welcome.
  • If you can write articles also welcome.
  • If you are having the broad heart to be of service to humanity and relieve the pains and problems,you are most welcome.
  • Money earning if it is their only Motto, this site is not for them.
  • please Forgive.
  • you can join as a member Of IISW. for a one time subscription.
  • If you are a professor also welcome.
  • One time membership for all is.1210/- to startwith.
  • what are the benefits.?
  • Your biodata and resume will come as a link and will be forwarded Free  to Fb,Twitter,linked in.etc.,
  • you can get the ranking and support from the patients as feed back and will be published.
  • Positive mind,perseverance,patience and result oriented  are the main requirements.
  • We will be the on the look out for patients who need your services and will publish in this site.
  • Rest is left with the member’s iniative.
  • Blessings and best wishes for all.
  • Please send in your suggestions,opinions and valuable comments to 
  • goahead1932@gmail.com .Thanks for your valuable time.


Hearty welcome to all sports personnel ,fans

  • A very hearty welcome to all sports personnel and lovers and fans.
  • You can send in your reviews ,opinions,suggestions  about any sports esp. cricket,tennis,volley ball,basket ball,fencing,hockey and any other games and sports.
  • If you are qualified  in physical education ,you too can use this site to,put forward your opinions,suggestions.
  • If you are a good coach in any one of the sports ,you too are welcome.
  • If there is any school,having these outdoor,indoor games area and facility, you too can join.Memberships will soon be worked out for all.
  • And old games played by the previous generations will also be introduced.Blessings and best wishes to all.
  • Please send in your info to: goahead1932@gmail.com .Many many thanks in advance.